The copyright notice of AloDES

Copyright © 1989 Antti Louko. All Rights Reserved.

This is a DES implementation written by Antti Louko ( It is based on DES description found in D.E.R. Denning's book Cryptography and Data Security. At this time you may use this program for non-commercial use. If you modify the program, you must add a comment in the modified file indicating who modified it. For commercial purposes please contact me.

If you find bugs or otherwise modify this program, please send changes back to me.

In any case, I would greatly appreciate if I would get credit for development of this package and support to develop more cryptographic software which can be used all over the world.

How to get it

If you want to get AloDES in tar format, please click HERE. Its size is about 400kbytes.

Why you shouldn't get it (Addendum of 2000-10-15)

This is quite outdated software package. If you need modern, supported and royalty free crypto package, I warmly recommend software found at U.S National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced the nation's proposed new Advanced Encryption Standard. This finally makes DES officially outdated as an algorithm. OpenSSL will probably have an AES implementation but in the meantime other good algorithms in OpenSSL can be used.

Food for Google

AloDES used to be at, alternative reference was

This dead reference is here to help Google to find this page for people who only have the old link.